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I am a 4th-year Ph.D. student in the Princeton Mathematics department. I graduated with a B.S. in mathematics from the University of Florida in 2017. During the summers of 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020, I worked as an advisor at the University of Minnesota Duluth Mathematics REU Program



All of my papers are available on

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Link Here.

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Submitted Papers

8. C. Defant. Fertilitopes. Submitted.

7. C. Defant and S. Hopkins, Symmetry of Narayana numbers and rowvacuation of root posets. Submitted.

6. C. Defant, A. Elvey Price, and A. J. Guttmann, Asymptotics of 3-stack-sortable permutations. Submitted.

5. N. Alon, C. Defant, and N. Kravitz, Typical and extremal aspects of friends-and-strangers graphs. Submitted.

4. C. Defant and N. Kravitz, Friends and strangers walking on graphs. Submitted.

3. C. Defant and Noah Kravitz, Promotion sorting. Submitted.

2. C. Defant, Troupes, cumulants, and stack-sorting. Submitted. 

1. C. Defant, Motzkin intervals and valid hook configurations. Submitted.

My interests are primarily in enumerative and algebraic combinatorics. A large portion of my work in combinatorics concerns a specific function called the stack-sorting map. In order to understand this function, I've developed a theory of new combinatorial objects that I call valid hook configurations. I've also explored these new objects in their own right. I especially enjoy finding other parts of combinatorics that are connected with stack-sorting and valid hook configurations. For example, I have found that valid hook configurations show up in a very simple yet surprising combinatorial formula in free probability theory; this has allowed me to use free probability in order to understand the stack-sorting map and to use a generalization of stack-sorting to derive new combinatorial facts about free and classical cumulants.    

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These are some simple short songs that I made in 2014 for a computer game that a team of undergraduates at Cornell made.

Song 1 - Unknown Artist
Song 2 - Colin Defant
Song 3 - Colin Defant
Song 4 - Colin Defant
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